Hot Selections


PIEROGI, served with Sautéed Onion (Sour Cream optional)

Small (serves 15-20), Large (serves 45-50)

Chicken Buffalo


Pork & Beef

Potato & Cheese (choice of Bacon with Cheddar Cheese or Farmer’s Cheese)

Potato & Spinach

Sauerkraut & Mushrooms

Sweet Cabbage


Fruit (choice of Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Black Currant or Sour Cherry) served with Vanilla Cream

Sweet Farmer’s Cheese served with Vanilla Cream



Small (serves 15-20), Large (serves 45-50)

Beef Goulash

Greek-style Fish in Tomato Sauce

Grilled Kielbasa with Sautéed Onion

Hunter’s Stew “Bigos”

Pork Goulash

Pork & Sauerkraut Goulash

Pork Shanks served with Sauerkraut

Potato Dumplings “Pyzy” with or without Meat

Potato Pancakes “Placki Ziemniaczane” served with Sour Cream and/or Apple Sauce

Square Pasta “Lazanki” with Sweet Cabbage and Mushrooms

Stuffed Cabbage “Golabki” with Meat and Rice in Tomato Sauce

Stuffed Cabbage “Golabki” with Mushrooms and Rice in Mushroom Sauce



Small (serves 15-20), Large (serves 45-50)

Beef Roll-ups

Beef Tenderloin served with Horseradish Sauce

Chicken Breast in Cream Sauce

Chicken Breast Florentine in Puff Pastry

Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Tights

Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Boneless Chicken stuffed with Chicken Liver & Parsley

Roasted Duck with Apples

Boneless Duck stuffed with Duck Meat & Fresh Herbs

Lamb Chops

Pork Cutlets

Pork Chops

Stuffed Pork Chops

BBQ Pork Ribs

Rack of Baby Back Ribs

Pork Loin stuffed with Prunes

Pork Roast with Gravy

Pork Roll-ups

Pork Shoulder with Mushrooms

Baked Salmon with Rosemary

Baked Trout with Almond Sauce

Fish Kebabs in Lemon Sauce



Available by pint (1 pint serves 4)

Beef & Barley “Krupnik”

Chicken Noodle “Rosol”

Cold Soup “Chlodnik” (seasonal)

Pickles “Ogorkowa”

Red Borscht (served with Meat- or Sauerkraut-filled Croquet or Puff Pastry)

Tomato (with Noodles or Rice)

Ukrainian Red Borscht

White Sour Borscht “Zurek”

Creams of Broccoli, Tomato or Peas


Please inquire about other soups when placing order.



Small (serves 15-20), Large (serves 45-50)

Sautéed String Beans with Garlic & Dill

Shredded Beets

Peas & Carrots

Glazed Carrots

Grilled Vegetables

Steamed Vegetables

Mashed Potatoes (Gravy optional)

Roasted Potatoes with Dill

“Kopytka” (Polish version of Gnocchi)

Silesian Dumplings “Kluski Slaskie”





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